More than 30 years of Farm mechanism experience. We are the one of Thailand who was import Ford Tractor, Kubota, Hinomoto, Yanma, Harvest machine, small pickup baler, and authorized dealer of import Pick-up baler machines from Italy in order to penetrate Thailand Market. Because of our experience with 30 years skills of Agricultural Machine especially in Pick-up Baler, Straw Baler, Square Baler, and Hay Baler. It make us confidence with our skill in manpower, technique, and technology to produce the best quality of pick-up baler with authorized brand SIAM BALER.

Nowaday, SIAM BALER is an acceptable brand among Agricultural machine's market. Not only in Thailand, but SIAM BALER is an acceptable brand to export market around the world. Mostly customers of us are from 35 countries around the world such as Italy, Southern Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and Asia countries. Because our machines is reachable standard production and best quality to export, so we are the one of Pick-up Baler manufacturer and exporter in Thailand.

Besides, we are the manufacturer and distributer of SIAM BALER machine, we are also the biggest produce the main components & spare parts of Baler Machines of other brands around the world such as Nwe Holland, CISCORIA, etc.

Becasue of all above explanation, We quite confident in out capability to produce the best quality baler machine and components as well as we belived that our machines is the best machines for local market and good enough to export to foreign. We want to show people around the world that Siam Pick-up Baler is the best choice for you.